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Hey. I am a founder of the collective Appropriate, and regularly work as a freelance creative director, design researcher & strategist. I help companies make strategic decisions on how they run, the products they make and how they make them. I lead projects independently and collaborate regularly with Big Tomorrow and Argo.  I have lead projects with Studio D Radiodurans, including many in partnership with Proximity Designs. I work closely with a handful of technology startups, including Smarter Sorting, a platform that reduces municipal hazardous household waste incineration through diversion, reuse and upcycling. I was, not long ago, an interaction designer-then-associate director at frog, where I also acted as design research leadership for the Austin studio. I'm a member of the founding faculty at the Austin Center for Design, and run a small cosmetics company.

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Press, Talks, Etc:

BackChannel on our work in Saudi: What every company gets wrong about developing for the emerging world, and how to do it right

Texas Children's Hospital Wayfinding project receives a 2016 SEGD Merit Award for Strategy

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Craig Mod authored a brilliant piece in The Atlantic, reflecting on our work in Myanmar and emergent mobile behaviors

Taiei Harimoto and I discuss mobile use in Myanmar on CBC Radio's Spark

David Schwartz and I facilitated a workshop at SxSWEco 2015 on the roles of culture and context in design

The Guardian features Studio D and Proximity's work on financial services for seasonal migrants

Writing on mobile and the potential for mobile money in Myanmar on GigaOm