100 Questions for the Young Creative

Last year, we at Studio D spoke with creatives across the design spectrum in order to better understand the dynamics of our industry and the kind of studio we wanted to create. Agencies large and small, corporate design teams, freelancers, consultants, veterans and college students all shared their perspectives. As part of this process we generated an in-house list of over 100 questions that we wish we’d thought to ask earlier in our careers.

Designed both for self reflection and to cut through hiring process gloss, they start out innocently enough but quickly cut to the chase. There are eight categories:

  1. Who are you, and what are you bringing to the table?
  2. Why do you want to work at ______?
  3. What does the company stand for?
  4. Who’s really in charge, and how is the business run?
  5. Why are people joining or leaving?
  6. What kind of work do they (and will you) do?
  7. What is the company culture?
  8. What are you worth?

We also cued up a number of Wild Card Questions. Deliver one of these out of left field, and cut through the theatre of an interview.

Submit your own questions via the Studio D Site.

Shared under a Creative Commons Non-commercial License.